10 Powerful Words That Will Get You New Members

One of the fundamentals of Chamber sales is that it’s impossible to get someone to do something they don’t already want to do. This means that instead of commanding someone to do something — which will only force them to turn against you and your offer — you should instead appeal to preexisting desires.

The following infographic from Entrepreneur contains 10 words that will help you sign that new member, not through demands, but appeals to the other person’s wants. If you were expecting to see “must” or “should,” you’ll be disappointed. Use these ten words to help convince your contacts to do what you, and they, want.

  1. Because
  2. Thanks
  3. You
  4. If
  5. Could
  6. We
  7. Together
  8. Fact
  9. Open
  10. Will


Posted on July 12, 2016