How to Promote an Event Online

Preparing to run a chamber event can sometimes feel like you’re sprinting a marathon. Months before you even announce your event to the public, you and your team have already planning the event, booking the venues, procuring speakers and activities, creating the materials and more. There’s no denying that organizing the logistics of an event is a ton of work.

But checking all the logistical boxes ahead of your event is only part of the battle. The other critical part? Making people aware of the event — and getting them to actually sign up. If you fail to create buzz around your event, you can expect crickets.

Don’t worry: There’s plenty you can do online to help get people to notice, care about, and register for your next event. Email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and social media all have important roles to play in marketing your event online.

To help you get started, DataHero teamed up with Eventbrite to create the infographic below. Check it out to learn best practices for marketing your event online so you can drive awareness, registrations, and engagement with your target audience.


Posted on July 14, 2016