Improve Chamber Sales 44% With This One Change

Do you want to improve your chamber’s sales team’s performance?

If not, stop reading now. (And maybe consider changing jobs.)

But if you do, and your sales team is lagging behind goals or not overachieving quite as much as you’d like them to, consider implementing a sales incentive program.

The type of program you implement depends on the type of reaction you’re hoping to spark. Short-term rewards can key up competition and drive immediate results, while larger-scale incentives can raise overall performance by several points.

But the benefits of chamber sales incentive programs aren’t short-lived — or incremental. Implementing a consistent incentive program can increase sales performance by 22%, and having a program in place for a year or more can see a massive 44% increase in performance.

The infographic below from Xceleration outlines the benefits of sales incentive programs.


Posted on July 15, 2016